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CUBA February, 2024

NORWAY March, 2023

ICELAND June, 2023

NAMIBIA October, 2023

Iceland Tour 2023 

Join us on our classic 10 day/9 night Iceland tour in June of 2023. We will be driving the Ring Road in search of Waterfalls, Whales, Puffins, Icelandic Horses, Grand Scenics and much more. Please visit our “2023 Iceland Tour” page for more information and a detailed itinerary.

Cost: $4,695 per person, based on double occupancy. Single supplement available upon request.  

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“The trip we took with Colin to Cuba last year was truly memorable. Colin made sure we were comfortable and had a good time. He planned interesting activities and we visited fascinating locations. By the end of the trip, we had not only experienced the natural beauty of Cuba but also had a better understanding of its history & culture.. We would definitely go on another trip with Colin!”


Linda & Michael Purviance

Puyallup, WA

“I have known Mike for almost 20 years.  In that time we have traveled and adventured locally and worldwide.  I have been with him in horrible rain and snow, I have seen Mike deal with a cold for a week at over 15,000 ft, I’ve seen him have an adverse reaction to medicine in the wilderness. In all of these occasions, I have never seen Mike lose his cool or his sense of humor.  These are two things that are absolutely necessary while dealing with the stresses of travel.  Mike is by far the most well travelled person I know.  You name it, he’s been there.  If I’m planning a trip somewhere international, I call Mike first.”

Dave Peterson

Whitefish, MT

“Hi Colin,

A quick note to let you know how much I sincerely enjoyed the trip to Cuba – and the folks on the tour. It’s a credit to your character to have such a diverse group that melded so well. I have such great memories of enjoying Cuban cigars on the farms – the horseback riding and the hike up the mountain for some incredible photo shots of the rising sun in Viñales Valley with you. Also, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your patience. As you might have noticed, I’m not terribly proficient with cameras or technology so your patience and instruction was greatly appreciated and I learned a lot. Now I need a refresher – what’s the next destination?”

Joe Slavec
Minneapolis, MN
“I visited Iceland in August 2021 with Nat Expo Tours.  This was my second tour with this company (the first was Cuba in 2019) and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve traveled many times with other companies including REI, Backroads, and BikeTours Direct.  Things which stand out for me with Nat Expo is they are an owner-operated company.  The owners don’t contract the tours out to third parties but are there traveling with you.  They have a personal stake in the experience and can solve any problems that may arise.  Second, both Colin and Mike are professional photographers and offer their insights free of charge as part of the tour.  Plenty of time is allotted to take photos and their insights offer a shortcut to some awesome photos.  Third, the cost of this trip was very reasonable vis-a-vis other companies operating a similar itinerary.  I’d rather pay less for a tour and use the extra cash on things more valuable than five-star hotel rooms.  I found the trips to hot springs a very nice touch to relax after a day of traveling.  Finally, even though the tour keeps you moving, it’s also relaxing.  It’s not a high energy adventure like a bike or hiking tour although there is available time to hike at your leisure when you arrive at your destination.  It’s mainly aimed at those who like to see, experience, and learn about new locations.  Photography tips are thrown in as a huge bonus for those who are inclined.  This includes everyone from those with top-of-the-line DSLR’s to those with just a smart phone and a selfie stick.”
Greg Lebo
Eagle River, AK

“I usually travel solo and was apprehensive about traveling with a group but wanted so badly to see Cuba that the fear of missing out had me securing a spot regardless! I’m happy to tell you, I have no regrets. Exploring the island, learning about its history and culture from a brilliant local guide, while immersed in such a talented, supportive group of photographers truly enriched the experience. So much so, that I joined another group for a return trip one year later. The well thought-out itinerary included several opportunities for landscape, nature and street photography and ample time to just relax. I can’t wait to see what’s next- I’d follow you anywhere!”


Joleigh Rainwater

Chugiak, AK

“I have had the opportunity to join Mike on six Alaskan adventures over the past 20 years.  Each of those trips included unique experiences that I would not have discovered on my own.  If you are looking for memories of an experience that will last your lifetime, book a trip with Mike.  And you don’t have to worry about missing that perfect photo during your trip; you can buy a few from Mike afterwards like I do!”
Al Malinowski
Big Sky, MT

“Hello! I am a long time experienced world traveller but this was my first tour with Mike and Colin at NatExpo Tours! We toured Iceland for 8 glorious days and got to see a LOT thanks to a well thought out and amazing itinerary. From some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the world, to photographing puffins and humpback whales, I enjoyed every day of our tour in large part because of the excellent planning of Mike and Colin as well as the very fun and easy-going group. The accomodations were all clean and super comfy, all the meals were fantastic and suitable for everyone and the vibe of the trip was super fun and laid back! I give the summer 2021 Iceland Tour 5 stars and will look forward to touring Cuba or Africa with Nat Expo Tours!”

Ken Weismann

Carlsbad, CA

“I did a trip with Mike to Madagascar in October of 2019. He meticulously planned all of the transportation, accommodation and National Park access with a view to see and photograph the scenery highlights and the maximum number of species. Knowing now the lack of internet in some parts of the country and the language barrier, this must have taken quite a bit of doing. It was truly amazing, once in a lifetime trip and he had even prepared a grand finale when we saw a Fossa and passed through the Avenue of the Baobabs on one of our last days there. Thanks Mike, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly

Nick Pitman

Huatulco, Mexico




“I don’t know anyone in the world that has more passion for traveling and sharing it with others than Mike. He is organized, thoughtful, resourceful and respectful with everyone he works with and works for. My husband and I have climbed sand dunes in Africa, sailed through Iceberg infested waters in Antarctica, climbed mountains in Montana and sea kayaked in Alaska and Croatia with Mike. I am very grateful to him for giving us the gift of travel. Thanks Mike. Can’t wait for our the next big adventure.”

Erika and Wayne Green

Albany, OR




“I’ve known Mike for over 25 years, and through all that time we’ve hiked many a trail and climbed many a peak in Montana, but I never had time to join Mike on any of his Alaskan or International adventures.  The stars aligned and my husband and I were finally able to coordinate our schedule with his tour of Iceland in 2021.
What an amazing trip!!  The country offered everything we envisioned, its beauty and friendly people felt like coming home.  Mike and Colin had all of the accommodations arranged, our daily activities planned, and dinner reservations were already on the books.  It was a seamless trip.  So awesome to have all of that done, it was my first time not spending hours upon hours pouring over these details.  (Thanks Mike and Colin!)
We’ve never travelled on a tour before and didn’t quite know how it would work.  Would we be exhausted?  Would we get along with everyone?  What if there was something else that we wanted to do?  Well, not to worry, this trip was so well organized there was flexibility for it all.  If there was an activity that you weren’t up for, you could sit it out and have a little time to yourself.  If you saw something that peeked your interest, Mike and Colin made time to help you squeeze it in.  (AKA waterslides at the hot springs, bouncy trampolines in small towns, quiet walks alone before loading up into the van for the day.)  And these guys attract the best people!  We all got along really well, from all different ages, backgrounds, and walks of life.  The best part is that we now have a whole new group of friends that we still text, email and share pictures with.  Which also leads me to the final bonus – new friends in different states to go visit and stay with!  Hoping some will join up again with these tours each year, I know we are looking forward to traveling with them again in 2022!”
Thanks Mike and Colin!
Karen & Don
Big Sky, Montana

“I had the pleasure of traveling to Cuba with Colin in 2019. He expertly organized all the details of the trip from signup to trip completion. He works with a local guide in Cuba who takes care of the logistics while he made sure the trip was enjoyable. I was very pleased with the way this adventure was planned and executed! There was lots of activity but also enough down time I could walk around and explore on my own. We stayed at private residences in each city and it’s really true that one of the best aspects of any visit to Cuba is meeting the people there. You will feel like the clock stopped in the 1950’s when you visit Havana. Cienfuegos and Trinidad are also a step back in time but have a completely different feel. I wasn’t able to travel on the extension trip to Viñales but I’d recommend it based on other reviews.

Finally, Colin is a professional photographer which is a real bonus when visiting a country like Cuba, one of the most naturally photogenic places you‘ll ever visit. I learned a lot from Colin. He’s a natural teacher and I felt his passion for travel and the craft of photography. I came away with some great photos and lifelong memories. Do yourself a favor and go and find the magic for yourself.”

Greg Lebo

Eagle River, AK



“Touring with Colin & Mike was an absolutely exceptional experience. From logistics to execution, not a single detail was overlooked, nor a single opportunity missed. The activities that were planned covered the full scope of all that Iceland had to offer, while also allowing for adequate moments of downtime and reasonable flexibility throughout.

One of the aspects that I appreciated most was how warm and accommodating both Mike and Colin were on a personal level, from the initial sign-up stage, throughout the entire length of the tour, and the return home. Add to that the fact that they are both genuinely wonderful people who are fun, informed, gracious, kind, funny, passionate about what they do, and just all-around great company, and you’ve got yourself a truly unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll be hard pressed to ever find anywhere else.

Simply put, I was completely blown away by every aspect of the experience, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic in my superlative recommendation of Nat Expo to anyone who’s looking to be totally wowed on their next travel tour adventure.”

With gratitude,


Scottsdale, AZ


“My wife Stacy and I booked a two-week Sea Kayaking trip in Montenegro and Croatia with Mike last summer.  Mike did an outstanding job of managing the logistics and planning, and the trip was exotic, affordable, super memorable and EASY!  Way to go Mike & Co.! Keep up the good work!”


-Rich & Stacy Lyon

Bend, OR

“Thank you for a wonderful Cuba trip. My wife and I had a great time and we were able to see a side of the country that most would normally never experience. Due to your great selection of a Cuban travel partner combined with an experienced interpreter and guide, who stayed with the group the entire time, we had a great experience.”

Ryan & Amy Hall.

Fulshear, TX




“The experience was pure MAGIC!  Mike and Colin created the ultimate adventure, and I can’t thank them enough!  Looking forward to many more travels with them.”
Julie Pfingst
Jackson, WY

” I had never traveled internationally, let alone with a group of people I had never met or even heard of before.  Colin and Mike were always fast to respond to any questions I had, from travel questions, to camera questions etc.  They had great information and made everything so easy.

Iceland was a new adventure everyday.  Waterfalls, Whales, Puffins and amazing scenery everywhere you look, and quaint little towns.  I learned a lot about the  heritage, agriculture,  and geology.  And of course we were extremely lucky to be able to see a active volcano on our very first night Fagradalsfjall Volcano!  What an experience!   Our accommodations were amazing, clean, quiet . From the Little cabin by a river to the brand new hotel in the city.

I also came away with a great education in photography.   Mike and Colin were always willing to share their knowledge. I came away with a better understanding of how to utilize my camera and I have some great photographs to prove it!  And traveling with all these people I had never met before?  Amazing!   Such great people, I learned a lot from all of them and just had the best time ever. My only wish is that we had more time there.   Iceland is an amazing place and hope to go back someday.”

Laurie Kosik

Palmer, AK

“I had the pleasure of traveling with Colin and Mike to Namibia and it was the experience of a lifetime.  This was my first group tour and there were so many photography and personal learning opportunities.  Colin and Mike shared their photography and video knowledge and expertise.  The tour had a great variety of cultural and wildlife activities and after the tour, I had thousands of pictures to review and edit.  A couple of highlights that really stood out to me was how Colin took the time to make sure everyone in his vehicle had their camera settings just right for the cheetah family we were photographing and Mike’s Sony knowledge.  I am looking forward to doing a future tour again to one of the many countries that they visit.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!”
Sandra McAnany
La Crosse, WI