Iceland Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What language do they speak in Iceland?

A) Icelanders speak Icelandic, which is “Old Norse” or the language of the Vikings and among the world’s ten oldest languages still spoken today. Most residents also speak English proficiently.

Q) What types of accommodations will we be staying in?

A) We will be staying at locally owned & operated hotels and guesthouses. Some of our unique accommodations were previously ranches or farmhouses before being transformed into guesthouses. All the accommodations we have chosen are very clean and comfortable, most of which we have stayed at previously. The majority have bathrooms in each room but there may be shared bathroom facilities in a few places.

Q) What currency do they use in Iceland and can I use my credit/debit card?

A) The Icelandic currency is called Krona and they also accept Euros. You will be able to use credit cards just about everywhere and it is generally the preferred payment method at most businesses. American Express is often not accepted, so bring Visa/Mastercard as well. Cash can be used for tipping and small purchases. You will be able to exchange US currency for Krona when you arrive at the Keflavik Airport. ATM and debit cards can also be used and will require a PIN #.

Q) Does this tour require a lot of walking?

A) No. However, we will be walking on easy to moderate short trails several times a day. If you would like to get more exercise there is plenty of time in the mornings and evenings for you to do so.

Q) What type of food is available?

A) Iceland is famous for fresh seafood and lamb is probably their signature dish. Pizza is also local favorite. Breakfast is provided at all our accommodations and usually includes a variety of fruits & vegetables, yogurt, granola, bread, eggs, coffee & juice, and sometimes herring or smoked trout. We generally don’t stop for lunch, however bakeries are commonplace and we will visit one or two most days. It’s a good idea to bring some snacks with you for the van rides. Most menus include vegetarian and vegan options and will cater to food sensitivities. Plan on spending $20-30 US for dinner.

Q) Do I need a Passport and a visa to enter iceland?

A) Yes, you will need a passport that is valid for at least six months before it expires from the day of your departure, so please check your expiration date. The US Passport office has been very busy with slower than average turnaround so it would be wise to apply/renew soon if you need to. You will not need a tourist visa and there is no entrance fee.

Q) Do I need any special shots or vaccines

A) You will not need any unique vaccinations to visit, however Iceland currently requires all visitors to show documentation of either a Covid-19 vaccine or proof of antibodies, as well as a negative test prior to departure from the US. This will likely evolve over the next year and we will keep you updated on the latest regulations.

Q) What will we be traveling in?

A) We will be driving 2021 Toyota Proace 9-passenger vans. They are very comfortable and equipped with onboard Wifi.

Q) What type of electrical outlets do they use, and will I need a converter?

A) Iceland uses the European 220-volt outlet system and will require a Type-C adapter for charging your devices, also known as the Northern European adapter. These can easily be obtained from an electronics store or Amazon. We will also have 12-volt inverters in the vans with multiple USB and 110 ports for charging camera batteries and phones while traveling.

Q) What clothing and gear should I pack?

A) We will send out a gear list prior to leaving and Mike has created a demonstration video to help you decide what to pack. This can be viewed on our YouTube channel: 

Q) Is Wifi or cell service available in Iceland?

A) Yes. Most cell service providers in the US have an internation plan that can be used in Iceland. Please check with your provider for details. Iceland also has wonderful Wifi available just about everywhere and we will have wifi hotspots in our vans while traveling

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